Social Pressure to Adhere to Gender Roles


This past Saturday I did a MTF Transformation on a new transgender client who is contemplating starting the male-to-female transition process (hormone treatment etc). She was so thrilled to see her femme self staring back at her in the mirror.

A great topic came up during our session, that of social pressure to adhere to ONLY ONE gender. I explained to her that growing up I was encouraged to adhere to the male gender, and now that I am public with my crossdressing, I am encouraged - by my many online admirers - to transition to being a full-time female. Ultimately I told her, you have to ignore the noise and listen to one's own internal voice. 

I'm happy living in that in-between gender space where I can go back and forth between the genders.  I explained to her that it took me a long time to become comfortable with my gender identity (gender nonconforming/gender fluid) so she (being 26 years old) ought not to pressure herself too much.

Things have a way of working out when you are kind to yourself and let yourself evolve whatever gender/s you are ultimately meant to be.


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