Dear Feminists Like YOU Men are Sick and Tired of These Gender Roles

I have a part time job where I temporarily transform men into women. It’s more than a job. It’s a mission. A mission to create a safe place where men are free to explore ALL aspects of their being. That includes exploring their feminine side and the role that they are forced, as men, to play in today’s society.

It never fails that my clients, or EXTENDED FAMILY as I like to think of them, confide in me and tell me their experiences when dating biological women. We talk about the thrills and the pitfalls of such.

Recently I had a very educated and stunningly beautiful client tell me how when she, presenting in her male form, is expected to behave and react to her biological female dates.

Shortly after our transformation session I received this message:

"Funny because I was thinking of you last night given our conversation on dating in NYC. True to our discussion, I ended up on a second date last night with a lady. It was your standard, totally boring date where the guy (that would be me) picks the place, only to have the lady show up in jeans and a frumpy, grumpy makeup (!), not even blush or eyeliner. (Of course, Sheryl wouldn't be caught dead on a date without makeup, a dress and heels, but I digress.) I ended up laughing to myself after the date, because it was exactly what we talked about, where I felt like I had to bring all the action and planning and thinking and talking. I was even surprised when she asked when the third date would be -- am I a coupon for free dinner to be redeemed at any participating restaurant? ;) “

Feminists for the past 40-50 years have fought for equality, but doesn’t equality spill over to the dating scene? Shouldn’t a biological woman be an equal when it comes to dating? Shouldn’t she share in the responsibility of showing her “man” a good time? Or should today's man have to tell a lady that he would like to be wined and dined?


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