Here is the TRUTH

Don’t read this.  
I doubt any good can come from you reading this.
Reading entails understanding the meaning of letters, words, and symbols.  
We are NOT in an era of understanding.  
We are in an era of judgment.  

We periodically come to the conclusion that what we are reading does not align with our lifestyle, values, and/or personal beliefs.  What we read often offends us, at some level, regardless of the intentions of the writer who took the time to write what is in front of our eyes.

You are probably already judging the above statement/s, either agreeing or disagreeing with the fact that we are in an era of judgement.
The fact that you are either saying YES, NO, or I DON’T KNOW to that statement proves it is true.  

That’s the Truth.

How are we to recognize the Truth in a time when politicians who are running for office flat-out lie to us?  

What do we do with the Truth when we have been lied to since our childhood regarding the existence of a bearded old white man who comes into our homes to deliver presents on a December night year after year?  

What value do we place on the Truth when we are so busy judging instead of understanding what we are reading?  

Maybe "Judging" FEELS better than putting some effort in trying to understand that which may have the Truth at a deeper level.  Maybe we are simply too tired making sense of the complex world we live in to put any additional effort in digging for the Truth.  Besides what good is the Truth in a world of lies?  After all, digging takes effort.  Could’t getting to the truth be as fast and simple as getting a text message?

This is not a text message.  Stop here if you don’t want to learn the Truth.

Do you want to know the truth? 

The truth is that we all have experiences.

The Truth is that we tend to NOT honor the experiences of others if it’s something that we have never experienced ourselves.  

The Truth is that there is great value in others experiencing things we will never experience ourselves.  

Let me say that again

The Truth is that there is great value in others experiencing things we will never experience ourselves.


I recently got an email from one of my dear clients.  She said:

“I just read and saw your thoughts on celebrating heterosexuality on Gender Fun. I just wanted to tell you how much I identify with every word of it and am so happy you wrote it. I can't explain to myself why I am attracted to CD's (Crossdressers) and women too but there is a deep attraction there that seems to only get more intense.”

Chances are that if you read the same piece my client read you will not agree with it.  click the link to read the piece ( YET, it is clear from her words that it touched her.  I’m guessing it touched her because part of my writing spoke to her inner Truth.  I don’t expect the world to honor her Truth, however I DO honor her truth because it is her experience.  She is not crazy.  She is not suffering from a mental illness.  She is simply living her life.  Maybe  in the past she has felt as if there is something wrong with her because she has never read someone’s testimony regarding something she has felt.  Maybe she’s still trying to find the right words to express herself in a world that judges her kind, a world that makes her feel as if there is something wrong with her.  So one day she stumbles upon my words and for a brief moment she see’s that she’s not alone. She sees that others feel how she feels.  She sees that she is part of a community.  She is part of a tribe.

I was recently questioned as to why I write what I write, why I say the things I say and publish the words I publish.  What is my motivation?  Often times I am told that people think of me as someone who enjoys stirring the pot.   That is their perception.    

I write what I write and say what I say because it is something that needs to be said.  Something that needs to come out of the shadows.  Something which I have faith will resonate with at least one person because it is lingering inside of me.  If it’s inside me then chances are it might also be inside someone else.  In the end, it’s not about me at all.  It’s about US going through a shared experience.  An experience that I hope will be honored and understood in time.  An experience that will hopefully suspend judgment for a brief moment, so anyone reading or hearing my words can see how the Truth takes on different forms.

I encourage you to share YOUR Truth.  

Yes, you will be faced with some resistance when you speak your Truth but you will also find folks and folks will find YOU who will borrow your words when their own words have failed them.  

And that’s the Truth.

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