​ In Regards to Electrolysis

I walk into my local museum. The white walls scream purity. The quietness inside is deafening. There is a sense of calmness and peacefulness. The tall ceilings and open spaces give me the sense of floating through space. The artwork on the walls give me a sense of floating through Time. I wander about with an open mind until I reach THE room.

In this room there are one hundred television screens against a wall. They are positioned ten screens across and ten screens high. All one hundred TV screens are turned ON. Not only are there images flashing before my eyes making it difficult to focus on a single one but the sound of each and every TV set is turned ON making it virtually impossible to find my focus.

I try with all my might to tune-out all but one screen. This one screen shows me the possibilities, the potential, the hopes and dreams of my inner workings. The images alone speak to me. I struggle to make out what it's saying. My eyes are locked on it with determination and my eager ears attempt to tune out the other ninety-nine television screens bombarding my eardrums.

I succeed in hearing the message thanks to a needle: A needle that is in the physical plane and not in the metaphorical realm I find myself in.

I've had six electrolysis sessions this month on my face. The goal is to permanently remove all my facial hair. Is it painful you ask? Pain is associated with things on the physical and emotional plane. So to answer your question, on the physical plane it may be uncomfortable, but on the emotional plane it is pure ecstasy.

 Every time the electrolysis needle slides into my hair follicle and delivers an electric shock, in order to kill the hair follicle, it not only delivers a sense of discomfort, but it also gives me an overwhelming feeling that I am becoming the person I want to be.

For those of us who have walked into that metaphorical museum, and have found that ONE TV screen that speaks to us, we are prepared to endure the physical discomfort in order to achieve the emotional ecstasy of feeling that we are truly living our Life's purpose.

Finding the sound of purpose is the equivalent of being in a room with a hundred TV screens turned ON but only seeing and hearing one of them. The message comes through loud and clear. We are being true to ourselves. We not only see and hear it, we FEEL it.

Life is fleeting, trapped in space and time, but we are all works of art hung on the walls of eternity. We may have arrived as a blank canvas but with time we become free to use all colors of the rainbow in order to best compose the physical representation of our souls.

In other words, electrolysis can be painful but very rewarding.


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