Shopping in the Woman's Section

​What if I told you nobody cares?

No please, we do care, please continue reading.

One of the biggest fears a crossdresser has is going shopping in the women's section of a department store. It is completely ludicrous to think that a physical space can be divided into two, ONLY two genders, male and female. Yet department stores around the world subscribe to this notion: A male section and a woman's section.  Women have been wearing pants for decades yet in 2017 for a man to wear a dress is still taboo. Sure, a man can order a dress online but as we learned from the Gender Fun community on Facebook  you can never tell how the dress will fit unless you try it on in the dressing room.

I believe that at the core of the fear that comes from a man shopping in the woman's section is that they will be thought of as a pervert. Yet we think of a woman shopping in the men's section as if she were shopping for her boyfriend or husband. This gender bias is subconscious yet evident to those who cross the gender barrier. Although most of us in the Western world live in a binary gender system, we seem to find ourselves in a gender system that only works one way when it comes to shopping for women's clothes. Women seem to have the upper hand and can shop in both male and female sections of a department store, while men can only shop in the men's section otherwise they might seem deviant.

There is a lot of talk recently about gender inequality when it comes to wages for females in the workplace yet there is very little talk about inequality when it comes to men having the right to shop, without judgment, in the women's section of a department store.  News flash, some men like to buy and wear women's clothing.

But what if I told you no-one cares if a man is shopping in the women's section.  What if I told you sales clerks are bored out of their minds in their day-to-day routines and would welcome a little excitement in their lives?  What if that excitement was the prospect of a man looking for a dress that fits him so perfectly that it made him feel like a beautiful woman?

Yes, there have been online article about how to shop if you are transgender, and about dudes who like to shop in the women's section and how it's not a drag thing, but at the end of the day what we need to remember is the fact that the gender binary is ludicrous and that a man wanting to purchase female things is no big deal.

So next time you find yourself wanting to check out what's new in the woman's section in a department store don't hold yourself back, go there and check it out.  You might just find something that is sooo YOU.

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