Long Hair and Pierced Ears

Let me ask you a question:  What do you think is a bigger deal for a "man," to grow his hair long or to get his ears pierced?  We are living in 2017 and the popular answer might surprise you.  

It has become a delightful experience to post the "Question of the Day" to our Gender Fun Family on Facebook

Recently we asked the following two questions:

Would it be a big deal with friends, family, and/or your employer if you got your ears pierced? 
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Would it be a big deal with friends, family, and/or your employer if you grew your hair long? 
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I was shocked to find that for many, if not most individuals who answered, getting one's ears pieced was a bigger deal than growing one's hair long.  This came as a shock to me especially since some companies design "masculine" earrings for men.  

What surprised me the most is a certain level of "Fear" some individuals who were assign male at birth have about either growing their hair long and/or piercing their ears.  Of course, being the daring person that I am, I want to scream at them "Man-Up and be as feminine as you want to be." However, the compassionate side of me tells me it's not as easy getting over that societal cultural oppression.  

Western society has ridiculously deep underlining misogynistic tendencies which look down upon any man that wants to express their "feminine side."   Dudes will make fun of other dudes that pierce their ears.  It might be all fun and games but sometimes those "digs" can cut deep. 

Gents, what if I offered you some Beyonce style "Woman Run the World" concept for you to chew on?  You know how some folks believe they have a Power Animal?  What if your inner power, the power you may be holding back doesn't live in your male form or presentation?  What if your true power in life exists in the female realm?  That realm you tap into but keep deep in the closet?  What if you are a person assigned male at birth but find that the place you feel the most alive is when your outer appearance matches that fierce female energy you carry inside?  What if your power, like Samson, lies in your long hair?

Growing out my hair at age 14

If you follow this blog you know that we are in the process of a physical transformation.  
Electrolysis treatments are painful but they are coming along nicely.

We are also in the process of growing out our natural hair like we did 24 years ago (above pic).  Of course growing one's hair takes more then one's commitment, it takes the expertise of a hair stylist. We recently found pics online of men with long hair and sent a pic to our stylist.  Our hair stylist is on-board with our new hair goals. 

Also,  if all works out we will be getting our ears pierced in mid April just in time for our birthday.

Currently there is not a lot of talk about how "MEN" play by someone else's rules.
The "rule" is that men should have short hair and God forbid they wear earrings.

I believe NOW is the time for men all around the world to rise up and say, "I am comfortable in my feminine expression. I love feeling feminine.  That is where my personal power lives.  I'm  more than my pierced ears and my long hair but they are a part of me."


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