​ Awesome Girls and Sexy Cars

Pic: (Touch 3D: Bugatti Veyron Girl)

Here in New York City The International Auto Show rolls into town this weekend! I'm going to make this short and sweet, you don't have to be born a man to find these driving machines super sexy. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to always or ever present as male to love these machines.

Me and Jennifer outside TC's bar in Houston 2016

​I met Jennifer McGill last year at a Houston bar while I was on my first Crossdressing Cross-Country Tour. She approached me while I was outside and we hit it off. She is a very cool cat...and her car? Jen's car is a sexy beast! If you follow Jen on Facebook you know that her great taste in cars extends to her many fabulous outfits.  I'm looking forward to visiting Houston again so Jen and I can drive around town in our fiercest outfits whistling out the window at guys and girls ;-)

Jennifer McGill and her sexy car

Another awesome girl with sexy cars is the very classy Angelina Mead King. I've not met Angelina yet but I can't wait to go for a ride with her. It's clear that fabulous stilettos and hot rods are her expertise. She moves fast so you better try to catch her on YouTube or Instagram.

Cars are not usually a topic of conversation me and my male-to-female clients discuss during their makeoversProbably because I don't want to accidentally stumble upon the question "what was your first car?" If I had to describe my first car I would die of embarrassment...ok fine, I'll tell you. I got my first car in 1998. It was a BROWN (like poop) four door 1985 VW Jetta. It was falling apart. The door handles wouldn't open from the outside. The floor had rusted to the point pieces decomposed leaving wholes. You could see the road moving right below your feet. The wholes weren't so bad since they helped drain the water that would seep into the cabin when it rained. As you can tell this was a bargain for the $800 I paid...or was it $500? Goes without saying, I was poor.

​These days I ride the subway in New York City (still poor) but I still love seeing sexy cars, especially the ones driven by awesome girls.  Maybe one day I'll own a sexy car...and be an awesome girl.

​What was your first car and what do you drive today?
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