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My favorite purple lipstick

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In the month of March we blogged about two must visit locations for Crossdressers:

1. Want to know what it's like to go out dressed and live as a woman for almost a week?  
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2. Have you heard of this magical place?
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And we wrote two personal blogs:

3. Would you grow your hair long and pierce your ears?
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4. How do you feel about androgyny?
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Out in NYC

In March we took it easy and did 3 Male-to-Female makeovers.  It would have been 4 makeovers but another girl had to cancel last minute because of personal reasons.  Since all three girls transformed are in the closet, understandably so, I can't share their pics.  Sorry.  I value the privacy of my girls.

For more info on male-to-female makeovers 
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These pantyhose are to die for

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Latest video clips.  
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