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In the month of April we blogged about :

1. Do you want to know a secret about the male-to-female makeovers I give my clients?  
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2. What was your FIRST CAR, and what do you drive NOW?
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Me and Jennifer outside TC's bar in Houston 2016

3. Do you think the term Cis Gender is silly?  Here is a reason why it is important.
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4. What is the issue many have with Caitlyn Jenner?
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In a cab after I gave a MTF makeover to one of my girl's from Spain 
as we head to a Manhattan bar to party   

In April we did  8 Male-to-Female makeovers.  Many of the girls are deep in the closet so we can't show you all of them.  However, a few of the girls are out and we will be able to bring you pics of them soon as we select the best ones to publish.  They all looked amazing! 

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On my 38th birthday in April I got my ears pierced.  
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Latest video clips.  
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