My Life in the Month of June 2017 so far

It's been quite the month! And it ain't over yet.

If you're curious to know what's been going on in our world this busy month here's a few highlights so far.

Electrolysis update: This (above pic) is what I looked like yesterday at the electrolysis office. Can you see how there's a clearing in my cheeks? We seem to have killed that patch of hair for good. The rest of the beard is less thick as well. But it's going to take a while to kill all the hair.  I won't show you how swollen and red my face became after yesterday's session because I don't want you to lose your appetite. Today I still look a bit like the elephant man 🙁

Hair Update: You may have heard that I'm growing out my hair.  It is long enough that I started putting it behind my ears. Folks at the office I work at Tues-Fri have made comments such as "wow you're hair is getting long." One dude smiled and gave me a thumbs up. The rest said with a wink "there is something different about you." But you can tell they don't really care since my hair doesn't affect their job performance 😜 If anything they seem supportive of my physical changes.

​This month marked 15 years since I made my television debut on the first season of a show called Americn Idol. A moment in my life I will never forget no matter how much Amnesia I get.

We did male-to-female make up on two girls from the West Coast and then took them out on the town for drinks. I left them alone and went to the rest room, by the time I came back a guy was trying to pick them up.

We also did a makeover and two outfit photo shoot on a new girl from Peru.

We also did make up on one of our favorite girls from Spain and then went out for drinks

Vivian and I after a few drinks in the West Village NYC

We also did a MTF makeover at Blonde and Co, then a shoot with the model at Dennis Hopper's Daughter's (Marin Hopper) luxury boutique Hayward Luxury NYC. We finished the day making a 10 inch replica statue of her femme self in her fabulous evening gown at Doob. Red Letter Day for sure! I hope to have pics for sharing in the near future!

Michele as a blonde

This month we also convinced Michele to go blonde for the first time during her male-to-female makeover.  As you can tell by the photo above, blondes have more fun

We started reading this book and it's making us question: who is in change of having an orgasm? Are each and every one of us in charge of our own orgasm, or is our partner partly responsible for helping us reach orgasm?

Father's Day weekend my high school friend Christina and her 7 month old little girl from Florida came to visit. We did lots of picture taking , laughing, talking about Life's challenges, and changing diapers all over Manhattan.

Me, Christina, and Lady V in Central Park NYC

These two ladies have opened a place in my heart I didn't even know was there. I find myself super protected of them, so much so that a security guard at the Time Warner Center today saw us and he wished me a happy Father's Day. I'm more of a Manny than a father in this situation but I'm starting to see why parenting can be so appealing. And I can see why naps are also so appealing when parenting.

Me giving Lady V her bottle

I spent Father's Day in Central Park on a picnic blanket with this little one.  What a treat!

Lady V and me hanging out in Central Park NYC

There's the family we are born into, and then there is the Family we build.  I am grateful to be part of the happy family that composes my male-to-female clients and Christina and Lady V.  

Keep the ones you love close ladies and gents.

ps - I didn't get to dress in femme in the month of June due to the electrolysis sessions but lets see what July brings.

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