How to Tell if She's a REAL Feminist

​If you are a fly on the wall, it would appear that I am applying makeup on a 59-year-old man's face. With every brushstroke I am softening their appearance. Feminizing their face. Little by little they go from looking like a regular Joe to a blonde bombshell. Blonde women have way more fun than 59 year old men, generally speaking.

You see, I do male-to-female makeovers.  Throughout the process, while my client is in the make up chair, we discuss the gender injustices of our current times. During this particular instance when speaking of my client's biological cis female partner I find myself uttering the words I have been saying for over a decade. "How can you consider yourself a true feminist if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a man wearing makeup and a dress?"

Women have made enormous strides in the last century in the name of gender equality. Yet when it comes to truly seeing their boyfriends, fiancé's, or husbands in a feminine light these women are still mentally living in the dark ages. Many women want their "man" to be a "MAN". These women are stuck in the role they want their man to play in life. So when confronted with the reality that their man wants to have a part-time life as a "woman," these women fall apart or at the very least have a strong resistance towards the idea.

Ladies, I get it. You would like your man to be your knight and shining armor, even if you don't need to be rescued. But have you ever stopped to think that your man may also be a princess, queen, or seductress inside? They may need a break from the pressures of playing the role of MAN each and every day which is expected from them. Men have all the human emotions women have so what makes you think that they don't want to feel pretty, pampered, desired? You may not even be aware of the damage you are causing your husband or boyfriend when you judge their masculinity or their desire to express typically female emotions, as seen in the documentary The Mask You Live In.

I have spoken to many women who state that they love when the MAN takes them and rashishes them in the bedroom. Ladies, what makes you think that your man doesn't want to feel that same feeling of being ravished? Some of my clients would like nothing more than to dress as female and have their lady partner ravish them. I know this may not be your thing ladies since you may not think of yourself as a lesbian or a dominant female but why not have a little unorthodox sexual fun with the "man" you love?

Life is short. Many folks are usually preocupied with completing thier studies, getting a job that pays the bills, raising kids, all along while neglecting their internal emotional desires. Many, if not, most crossdressers just want to be true to their emotional desire to dress and feel femine without the judgment of their girlfiriends or wives.

Ladies, if you want to see your man meet his true potential in life you will not only accept your man's desire to dress in femme but you will celebrate him for bravely showing his softer side, a side that may not alway surface but when it does it is special and exciting.  When you accept your man's "feminine side," you are not only showing that you are a true feminist but that you are an exemplary human being.

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