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Newsletter July

Samantha L. Dubois

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Here is the latest news on our end: In the month of July we blogged about :

1. Do you REALLY want to be a WOMAN?  Some say, not Really.  
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2. How to Tell if She is a TRUE Feminist.  
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3. I received a hurtful email.  Read what they said. 
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This month we dolled up Samantha. It's still hard to believe that she is 59 years old. It's ok, she told me I could tell everyone her real age, because let's face it, she doesn't look a day over 35. I love the fact that she is taking time to be true to herself. She's an inspiration! BTW those are her real boobs. We simply pushed them up. Girl's got some lovely "girls" 
btw Samantha is wearing a wig we love. To learn more click HERE

In July we did 5  Male-to-Female makeovers, and 1 Skype Session. 

Me and my girl Vivian (from Spain) in the back of a cab earlier today, 
after I did her makeup. We were on our way from my studio in Brooklyn 
to a hotel in Manhattan where I did makeup on Sandy from Australia. 
Doesn't Vivian look like she's a star with her shades? I love her energy!

For more info on male-to-female makeovers 
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A pic of "Cake Girl" from one of our MTF Makeovers we did recently

Electrolysis update: I've had 24 sessions so far. And by the looks at the resilience of my hair growth it could very well take at least 24 more sessions before my face is completely smooth. It's a very slow and painful process but as they say, no pain no gain

Hair update:  The mop is slowly growing.

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Latest video clips.  
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