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Here is the latest news on our end: In the month of June we blogged about :

1. How has "Transitioning" affected my friendships?  
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2. Why are the Arts important for girls like us?  
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3. Update on my "Transitioning," Summer Reading, how we spent Father's Day, and our sexy client goes BLONDE? 
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Me photobombing one of my girls 
as she was taking a selfie after I gave her a makeover!

In June we did  7 Male-to-Female makeovers. 

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Me and the birthday girl waiting for an Uber 
after I dolled her up

In June we also did a femme Skype Session with a new girl who is 21 years old and just starting out in her crossdressing journey. We originally scheduled a 30 min session but I had so much to say that we went on for 50 mins at no additional charge. In the first half of the call I gave her the 411 on everything she will need to bring her femme self to life and make her femme self a part of her life going forward. I love coaching my girls in order for them to live a full happy life balancing their male and female lives.

I took 2 of my West Coast girls out for 
drinks after I did their makeup.  SUPER FUN!
(Sorry we can't reveal their identity) 

A sample of the beginning of a Skype session with one of my clients. I didn't record her voice during the conversation in order to protect her privacy. To learn more about the Gender Fun Skype Sessions click HERE

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Latest video clips.  
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