Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Newsletter August

Maria whom we transformed in 2016

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Here is the latest news on our end: In the month of August we blogged about :

1. What is the Difference Between a Drag Queen, a Trans Woman, and a Transvestite?  
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Cake Girl. see more of her click HERE

2.  Do People Believe You are FAKE?  
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Samantha. see more of her click HERE

3. Will I wear a Bikini or a One-Piece Swim Suit? 
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I was also overcome with emotion which prompted me to write down my feelings about the great injustice my clients face.  Read click HERE

And again overcome with emotion I wrote the following click HERE

Michele.  see more of her click HERE

4. Could I or Someone I know be Experiencing Gender Dysphoria?
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In August we did  4 Male-to-Female makeovers, and 1 Skype Session. 

Me and Venus. Protecting her identity since she's in the closet

Me and Emily. Protecting her identity since she's in the closet

Do you want to see the new shoes we bought this month?  
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I've had over 20 hours done on my face and I might need another 30-40 more hours of treatment depending on the resiliency of the hair.
See a shocking pic of my neck after a treatment click HERE

We launchd the Femme Adventure 30 page Guide! 

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My Latest video clips.  

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