A Modern Day Crossdressing Fairytale

When was the last time you read a fairytale where a Crossdreaser was the protagonist? You’re in luck. Today I bring you a real life Crossdressing fairytale story, thanks to a few lines from one of my MTF makeover clients whom shared with me a wonderful experience she had after she left my studio all dolled up.

Here goes.

Once upon a time there was a lovely girl named Luna. She came from a far away land to have her fairy-godmother (me) give her a makeover.

Luna, who is a male-to-female gender non-conforming individual, had met a queen, a cis woman, online. Luna came to my studio in Brooklyn and had me do her makeup. We gave her dark smokey eyes, lush lips, and we accentuated her amazingly high cheekbones. After her face was looking stunning she slipped into a sexy tight dress. Then she got in her Uber carriage and was off to meet her queen in the city.

btw Luna is not her real name. I changed her name in order to protect her identity. However the below story comes straight from an email she sent me after her night out. Which by the way happened sometime in the past four years.

Here’s how it all went down. Enjoy.

Last night was AMAZING!!! I got so many compliments and there was so much positivity!!!

My lady and I made-out at the bar AND in the taxi again!
It was just very nice and romantic and sweet.

We had a really nice moment at the bar. At one point we had been kissing and then she wanted to fix my lipstick, so she got her lipliner and lipstick out and did my lips, and then we kissed right after and smiled at each other. There was a gay guy sitting across from us looking at us during this the whole time, and he then started crying and telling us it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen!! He said he wants a relationship like that and that we were so inspiring and we gave him hope that he could find someone for himself. And then he paid our whole bar tab!!!

That is just a fragment of this fairytale, but I think it illustrates something clear as day. I have heard Crossdressers/Transvestites/Gender-benders say that they would love to meet a cis woman that is attracted to them while they present in Femme. It is believed that these cis women are hard to find, or even impossible to find. I’m here to tell you that they might be rare but they do exist. If this real life magical fairytale can happen to one of my clients it can certainly happen to you. You simply have to BELIEVE! AND you MUST go out there in the world and make it happened. Take it from this fairy-godmother, Fairlytales can come true.

The clock struck midnight and my girl had to rerun to her far away land, leaving her queen in the city but like many fairytales that is only chapter one. Who knows what will happen in the future. Life has a way of reuniting lovers. That is the magic of living. 


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