Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Newsletter October

This month we did Diane's second shoot this year (left).
 More pics coming soon! See more of Diane click HERE and HERE

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Samantha L. Debois as Little Red Riding Hood.  
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This month we took our camera to document  "We are Here, Reclaim our Lives Building Policy Initiatives to end violence against Trans communities" October 6th, 2017 in Foley Square New York City. See pics click HERE

This month there was also another bit of DRAMA  This time I was called RUDE.  The Gender Fun community on FB chimed in and gave me their perspective on the incident.  To read click HERE

On the bright side:

In the month of October we blogged about :

1. A Crossdressing Fairytale
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I attended a Trans Women Pizza Party.  
This was the view of the Empire State Building from the rooftop that night. 
I learned quite a bit about hormone treatment for Trans women. 
Great company and great view! 

This month we finished reading Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? by Heath Fogg Davis.  We strongly recommend this book if you care about today's Tran's issues 


- Check out the Celebrities MTF photo album
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- Made myself count in the #metoo movement
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- In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month I
asked my friends if they saw me as a
white person click HERE


We also added some sexy pics of our girls on our Flickr page click HERE

In October we did 7 Male-to-Female makeovers

HAIR UPDATE: I can now tie my hair in a ponytail. 
Learn about our transition click HERE

ELECTROLYSIS UPDATE: 10 months of electrolysis treatments 

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