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Newsletter September

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Hi Dearest reader,

How are you?

Here is the latest news on our end: In the month of September we blogged about :

1. Personal Recipe to Minimize Gender Dysphoria
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Britney and her BUTT!  

In September we did 3 Male-to-Female makeovers, and 1 Skype Session. 

We also added some sexy pics of our girls on our Flickr page click HERE

The First Gender Fun App  

In September we started developing a tool designed to match our makeover clients. 

The Gender Fun Match App will be a feature provided exclusively to our makeover clients. The way it will work is very similar to Tinder.

Our client, while in our studio, will go through a photo album of all our past clients.
This will include clients IN and OUT of the closet.

They will select the girls they are interested in meeting and possibly doing a dual makeover, and/or go on a "Girl's Night Out" in the future. The Gender Fun Match App will inform them of their matches.

They will then be provided with their matches's email address so that they can connect and start a conversation. The Gender Fun Match App will facilitate networking withing the Gender Fun community whether an individual is IN or OUT of the closet. By using the Gender Fun Match app new friendships will be formed and maybe even a love connection, and/or a partner in crime to explore brining fantasies to life.

We are thrilled to be able to expand our client's world by connecting them to likeminded individuals through the use of the Gender Fun Match App. Currently the Gender Fun Youtube channel is close to reaching 20,000 subscribers but only those getting makeovers from us, the VIP girls, will have the ability to connect directily to other girls we've transformed.

This is only stage one of the Gender Fun Match App.

Stay tuned for stage two of the app where we will facilitate the general public connecting with our girls. We are grateful that our community keeps growing each day. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

We are all in this together. We are all friends.

Thank you!

On the personal front: Hair on head is getting long.
Electrolysis on face is coming along.
We are doing electrolysis on the whole face and neck BUT we are saving the mustache for laser.

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