Friday, March 2, 2018

Newsletter February

The very sexy Janie.  We had a great time transforming her recently.  
She is very much in the closet but since in this pic you can't recognize her male self 
she gave the ok to share it with you.  
Hard to believe she's a business man by looking at this pic.  
One of our favorite new girls! 

Hi Dearest reader,

How are you?

Here is the latest news on our end: 

Social Media News

This month on our social media platforms pages we shared this simple fact of life which many folks simply had to agree.

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Natalie after we dolled her up in late 2017.  
She is pure Gold.

Personal News

- My good friend Christina from High School came to visit and we saw Kinky Boots and School of Rock on Broadway.  We also visited the 9/11 Memorial & Museum (very powerful).
- Here's the latest update on my hair growth, click HERE
- We've completed a year of electrolysis treatments on our face (43 hours = $3510).  Very painful.  We have a ways to go before our face is fully smooth.
- We sent Mount Sinai's Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery a request for a consultation in order to change my primary physician, and to get a PREP prescription and also start Finasteride. Once I get my appointment I'll inquire about possibly starting a low dose of Estradiol.
- We found out that our High School teacher was also the teacher of Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz click HERE

The very beautiful Sophia. 
Here she is during her 2017 Femme Session taking a sexy selfie

Wow you guys, the GF FB page reached over 13, 661 LIKES!!! 
We like that and we like you! 
We hope to keep on brining you more Gender Fun each day. 

Thank you!

Wow, this month we surpassed the 21k subscriber mark on our Youtube Channel. 
Thank you to each and everyone of you for your support over the years! 
Let’s hear it for the Gender Revolution! 

This month we did more Male-to-Female makeovers


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