Sunday, April 29, 2018

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Our latest OOTD taken on 3/31/18.  To see video click HERE

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Here is the latest news on our end: 

We were lucky  to be able to dress for the first time in month...
and we got a little cheeky this time. To see video click HERE

Here are our latest purchases for our recent birthday.  A little casual, a little more dressed up.  

We also got these sexy pink heels for our Lady Closet

Recently we learned that on Facebook Messenger there is this thing called a "Filter Folder."  Apparently this folder acts like a "Spam" folder where Facebook puts messages from folks it deems "questionable?"  Ready to see the message I recently found in the Filter Folder?

- Had initial consult at Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery.  Had blood tested and requested medicine that will help with my feminization process.
- Took a wonderful weekend trip to Baltimore to spend time with an old friend and meet new ones.
- Attended the delightful monthly Trans Woman Pizza Party
- Spent my 39th birthday with a gaggle of fab gays while watching Rupaul's Drag Race
- I was required to have a root canal.  Every week in April we worked on it but the infection persists.  We will have to finish the painful process in May.   :-( 

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What a difference a year makes. I wonder what 2019 will look like 
once I start taking the magic pills this year. Same candy different packaging .

This month we did more Male-to-Female makeovers


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