Quick update:

Here are a few selfies from yesterday right before stepping out into the NYC Pride Parade.

This year I decided to march looking colorful: trans flag top, rainbow peacock tutu, 4.5 inch wedges, some vibrant accessories, and most importantly I wore my natural long hair down instead of wearing a wig!  I WAS LIVING!

See a short video shot before heading out click HERE

This year I was invited, by my dear friend Shelly, to march and hold the banner for St. Luke in the Fields.  I'm so grateful to have met Shelly and the wonderful Trans group she introduced me to in the past year.  I'm also very touched and grateful by St. Luke's invitation.

This year, for me, it was a pride to remember! Full of happiness and joy!

Of course walking the entire parade route in 4.5 inch wedges did a number on my feet.

One of the few blisters I got from walking in this year’s 
NYC Pride Parade in 4.5 inch wedges. 

This level of pain is nothing compared to the pain LGBTQIA Folk had to endure decades ago and/or still do today in some parts of the world.

I hope you had a great pride.  I also hope that you are living your truth in a way that makes you happy and that you bring happiness to others by simply being yourself.



A few shots of the past two NYC Pride Parades I marched in click HERE


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