Friday, November 30, 2018

Newsletter November

 I sported a self-adhesive bra in our latest body selfie

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My boss commended me for wearing a blazer to today’s meeting where we were introduced to the new head of department, aka his new boss.  
Since it’s casual Friday I did a dress down office look: women’s black booties, tight black jeans, a grey Armani Exchange hoodie with red lining under a REISS blazer, and a charm by Tiffany’s on my lapel.  
My boss pointed out he liked the pop of color. I told him it was to make a statement.
Wearing a hoodie and long hair on Wall Street while simultaneously wearing a blazer made in London, Tiffany’s jewelry, and women’s shoes, and a firm handshake is how I do 

Here are our latest purchases

Since I love my women's booties in black I purchased in April, seen in the above pic I had to buy them in brown


- I had to give a reality check to a straight guy that wants more sexy time with me.  click HERE
- I spent some time with mom and dad in Florida

- I was on baby duty with my friend's new born.  Such a wonderful experience.  click HERE
- Celebrated my dad's 69 bday.  Great time! click HERE
- November marked 2 months on hormones for me


Thanksgiving Gratitude.

This month we did more Male-to-Female makeovers

When you have a huge forehead just slap on 
a hand and pretend you’re modeling


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