Friday, May 31, 2019

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Chilling after doing a makeover on a new MTF client.

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- Kicked off Mental Health Awareness Month with an important announcement click HERE

Here are our latest purchases

Vogue's Secret Women's Sheer See-Through Bra Plus Size Unlined Transparent Bras and Panties Set  

Sissy Pouch Panties Men's Silky lace Thong Girly Briefs Bikini Underwear Sexy for Men


My look to go see Wanda Sykes Live in Hollywood Florida

- With Pride month upon us a memory resurfaced click HERE
- The Miss USA Pageant triggered a personal memory click HERE
- I took a trip to Florida to spend time with my family, my extended family, and to get some RNR
- Had an awesome time with my extended family from a mani/pedis, click HERE , seeing Wanda Sykes click HERE , and a fun dance party with the kids click HERE
- Celebrated Mother's Day with mom click HERE

- Got a wonderful and much needed wash and blowout at Medcare & Aesthetics Spa, the place to go in South Florida to get your beauty fix.
- Came back to NYC and got my lounging on click HERE
- Got my fitness on click HERE
- Reached 8 months on HRT
- Got my hair done by the fabulous Thom Hair do hit him up for your hair needs. 
- New Selfies HERE and HERE


Latest body selfie.  More NSFW pics in 2019 album HERE

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