Friday, August 2, 2019

Newsletter July

Outfit worn to do a makeover on one of my lovely MTF clients.

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- Beyoncé stold my look. click HERE
- We joined the Old Face App fad. click HERE
- Check out my client's beautiful butt. click HERE
- Something uplifting. click HERE


Independence Day outfit while on a farm in Maryland.

- Spent some very enjoyable days on a farm in Taneytown MD for a fun gathering called Tent City.
- Me and baby Anthony video. click HERE
- Rolling around with the kids. click HERE
- Behind the scenes photo shoot. click HERE
- Showering in the rain. click HERE
- Fun Karaoke night. click HERE
- Sexy Fun Date night: Golf Putting in Undies. click HERE

Outfit worn to do a makeover on one of my lovely MTF clients.

- Answering the Question: Do I want to become a woman? click HERE
- Bed proposition. click HERE
- Impromptu heel party. click HERE

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