Transition Update

January 13th, 2017 
Officially said good-by to my old self blog entry

June 2nd, 2017 
Came out to my BFF about my "transition" blog entry

May 16th, 2018 
Addressed whether I was taking hormones blog entry

February 26th, 2019 
Addressed the effects of hormones  blog entry. 

Now, here we are. October 2019

Hi, how are you?

I'm writing this "transition" update because my social media presence has recently grown with followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube in the thousands.  I want to answer questions regarding the changes I've undergone in the past few years.

You might be reading this and going through some form of transition yourself, from losing weight, starting a new job, having a child, or maybe you're contemplating going through some gender changes as well.  Let's hear it for embracing change.

Here are answers to the most popular questions I've recently received.

Do you present in full Femne every day?
I spend about 80% of the time wearing no makeup, my hair in a ponytail or a bun, and staying comfy in sweatpants and hoodies.
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Which restroom do you use?
I prefer to use gender neutral restrooms, however if one is not available I simply use the men's restroom.

What pronoun do you prefer?
Call me he, she, they, whichever.  
I do however prefer They/Them/Theirs. But I understand folks are not yet used to using those pronouns in casual conversation.

How have your friends, family, and coworkers been treating you?
Short answer: I've received full and complete support from the people in my life. I began growing out my hair, getting electrolysis treatments, and taking hormones without really discussing my gender identity with the folks in my life. I figured they would start noticing the changes as they happened. So in a way I believe my physical changes, as gradual as they have been, have helped their perception of me change with time. So in a way we've all been transitioning together, smoothly. I love them for that.

Facial hair before electrolysis.

How often do you get electrolysis? How many more treatments do you need?
I started electrolysis treatments in January 2017. I used to get 90 minute weekly treatments. Now with most of the hair killed off I get 60 minute treatments twice a month. I probably have another year before most of my facial hair is completely killed off.

What do you least like about transitioning?
Hands down electrolysis is the worst part of transitioning for me. It's painful and it takes time to kill off every single hair follicle

Have your breasts grown?
Yes. They are about a B cup now.

Are you planning on getting bottom surgery and/or getting implants?
No. That being said I am entertaining the thought of getting facial feminization surgery sometime in the next 10 years.

How do the hormones affect your libido?
Personally I don't think about sex as much as I used to. That could be because I'm now in my 40s. That being said, sex now feels so much better. In part because the hormones make certain parts of my body more sensitive and also because I'm more confident in my own skin.

Do you date straight guys?
Since 2015 I've only been dating self-identifying straight men. However, I'm open to dating other folks whether male, female or anyone in-between so long as they are my type.

What is your type?
I know it soon as I see someone. I tend to be attracted to folks who don't have traditional good looks. I like quirky esthetics on a person. Of course more importantly I'm attracted to high intelligence and a personality with a great sense of humor.

What do you like the most about transitioning?
I'm grateful for having life experiences, positive and negative, that have helped shape me into the person I am today and I feel excited as I get closer to becoming the person I feel I was meant to be, inside and out.

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