If a woman doesn't have to explain why she is wearing men's clothes then why does a man have to explain why he's wearing women's clothes?  Why do we carry on with this sexist gender binary?  

Part I was a good start but Part II of our conversation with one of our followers on Instagram is where the meat is.  

GURL: So I think your right. The visual aspect of this tells a story that words will not. I'm a dude in dude mode. 

Would leading with "remember when we were discussing a trans related issue a few weeks back ... well I want you to see and know something...about me and share a pic?

Not that I look amazing or anything but my girl and boy modes surprise me sometimes

Which sometimes make me think that I have no idea how I really come across in either mode.

ME: I think you and I know that “feeling trans” is something many of us feel waaaaaaaaaaay before we ever present as trans. So as helpful as visual aids are in the end it’s more about telling others how we feel. It’s telling folks that we are comfortable and enjoy presenting in a more feminine way. Does that resonate with you?

GURL: 100%.   Not a fetish or a kink for me. It's just me both ways

ME: Are you saying you like to express your masculine and your feminine emotions?

GURL: Yeah I don't know what to call myself and at 45 I kinda don't care. And I enjoy my life all across it. My daily is just guy and when I can (hopefully more ) I totally express girl and just let the chips fall. Sometimes if I'm out shopping I'll rock a blouse flats crops and flats but just no hair or makeup. But its not a switch per say. It's all just me.

Emotion wise my wife would say I'm the woman in the relationship lol

Nurturing empathetic

ME: So you’re basically expressing the full range of human emotion, that which is usually restricted to most people “born male." 

So maybe it’s not you that needs to come out of the closet but society in general. Maybe society needs to understand that men can feel the same things women do because that is what it means to be human

GURL: Maybe

Your insight and thought does not disappoint

I do struggle with the labels and don't want to mess with them

People see the TV and hear the articles and box u in

Just don't really care

ME: Sounds to me like you’re ready to start a life with no labels. Share how you feel about your experiences like other people do. In other words, if it makes you feel good wearing “women’s clothes” then do it. If others need an explanation then make them question why it is a guy can’t wear women’s clothes when women can wear men’s clothes without explanation.

GURL: I like it that your questioning the 10000 different genders out there and if I get you right your saying don't make it about being one gender trapped in other just make out being yourself

I like it

Thank you adrian

ME: You’re welcome dear

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