Can MEN be Friends with a Trans Person?

Gather round.  Let me tell you a heck of a tale.  A guy goes on the internet.  He is a regular looking fella.  You know, the kind of dude who looks like he works at a Best Buy, or maybe at a call center?  He could very well be in-between jobs, maybe he's working on his first novel? You know, when he's not playing video games.  His best friend is his dog Rusty.  Actually, he doesn't have a dog but he dreams of some day adopting one.   In any event, that's not important.  He scrolls down Instagram and stumbles upon a photo of the most majestic of creatures.  A blonde goddess. 

"My sweet heavens, she is stunning" he exclaims to an empty room.  His heart skips a beat and without hesitation he heads over to the DMs.  Composing his very first message to her comes naturally to him. He's a pro at picking up the lovelies on the internet. He places his soft hands on the screen's keyboard and he types "Hi."  Of course he follows it with a dick pic because how else will she know that he's interested? He hits send.

He patiently awaits her reply as he continues to scroll down while Tranny porn plays in the background.


The theme of the movie When Harry Met Sally is that of "men and woman can't be friends."  Did Harry send Sally a Dick pic?  No silly, they didn't have smart phones then.  That's why they manage to make a whole movie about the sexual tension between a man and a woman.  You see back in 1989, when the movie was released, phones where phone and not cameras and men were men and women were women, like the good lord intended.   

The movie is dated in some ways but some of the arguments still hold water.  For example how women can and do "fake it," and how men and women cannot be friends.   Which begs the question:  Can men be friends with Transwomen or gender-variant folk?  The reason I ask is because, as I drown in dick pics I've received this morning, it seems most men if they want to be friends with me have a funny way of showing it.

Now, you're probably thinking what about men who crossdress, don't they want to be only friends with you?"  Great question.  Short answer is, maybe?  Long answer is they may want to be my friend all while in the back of their minds they devise a plan on how to make-out with me and then run off with my heels.

Lets get serious for a sex - I mean a sec.  Am I saying that men who crossdress AND men who don't crossdress both can't be friends with Transwomen and gender-variant folks because they have attraction and sexual thoughts about them?  It's complicated.  I do however have a theory regarding men who are attracted to femininity whether they are crossdressers or non-crossdressers and that is that they, for the most part, are all a LONELY bunch.  

Why do I believe they are lonely?  I know most of them if not all of them have some form of family and friends, some have work buddies, and some even go to church. So what makes me think that they are lonely?  Simple, most of them are in the closet.  They are either in the closet about crossdressing or they are in the closet about liking crossdressers, Trans, and/or other gender-variant folks.  And some fall in both categories.  

Living in the closet creates a great deal of loneliness since many don't have anyone to talk to in person regarding this aspect of themselves.  Sure, they may create an online account under a fake name and they may chat with folks online but communicating through a screen doesn't quite kill the loneliness. They still feel that hole inside late at night.  That's usually when they want someone by their side, someone soft and feminine.  And so it manifests in "horniness," uncontrollable primal urges.

The irony of the matter is that if guys would stop treating feminine folk as sexual objects then maybe, just maybe, they'd be able to develop a friendship with, which who knows, just might blossom into something right out of a rom-com.  And guys, I'm talking directly to you now, wouldn't you want to be the envy of the town with a gorgeous blonde bombshell on your arm, having other women saying to themselves "l'll have what she's having." 


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