Married Guy Seeking ANY Transwoman

If you are married you must read this.
If you are a woman and have a boyfriend you must read this.
If you are single and dating you must read this.
If you are a man you must read this.

Instagram DM Conversation 
November 16, 2020 

GUY: Hi how have you been? See i will be alone in around Mid December for 3 weeks. Wife is gone be out for 3 weeks and, i can surely meet someone to kind of meet and see how things go

ME: I’m not sure what you’re telling me. You’re looking to cheat on your wife?

GUY: not cheat,  i want to experience something different and see if i can handle this and want to move forward.

ME: And your wife is ok with you doing that?

GUY: Well does that mean you wont help me.

ME: I don’t understand. What is it that you are asking of me?

GUY: i am just seeking help from you to find a great trans girl for relationship

ME: ah, ok.

GUY: so can we find someone in December to talk to and meet? I really want to serve a girl who is super dominating and knows how to handle a guy like me in a relationship

ME: I don’t know that I will have my matchmaking service ready in December.  It’s looking more like January or February at this point. So I won’t be able to help you until then

GUY: don't you know any girl who is single, may be you can introduce me to someone

ME: I know folks but matchmaking is a job I don’t have time for at the moment.

GUY: well maybe just one girl, and my requirement is pretty simple. I want a very dominating, bold girl. thats all. It can be a trial run for your website and you might get more info on what you can do and should avoid

ME: I don’t currently have the time. Since you want something soon may I suggest you try an escort service. You can tell me all about your experience later. It probably won’t be a real connection of course since you will have to pay the girl.  But at least you’ll have a story to tell. Either way, once your wife finds out it will certainly put your marriage in jeopardy. You may want to get a good layer, courts usually favor women in a divorce especially if children are in the picture. Good luck


So much to unpack here. 

If you've seen the show POSE you know of the Stan and Angel storyline.  Married man picks up Trans prostitute and gives her the Pretty Woman treatment.  He lives a double life, one life with his wife in the suburbs and another one in the city with his Trans mistress.  What can we say about it, some guys just want it all and are willing to risk everything for it.  

POSE is a show set in the 80s when the AIDS virus was killing people left and right, especially in the LBGT+ community.  So cheating on your wife with a Trans prostitute was a risky endeavor.  In this very moment we are in the middle of a pandemic and another virus is killing people left and right.  So even the most innocent of dates could land you and your family in the hospital.

Let's go back to the above Instagram conversation for a second.  This is not the first time a married man has asked me to match them with Transwoman.  I know how to navigate those waters expressing as little judgement as possible.  Who am I to predict whether he will destroy his marriage and life by going behind his wive's back.  All I can do is show them a path their life might take depending on the choices they make.  

A while back I wrote an entry titled "My Man Wants to Suck a Penis, Now What?" It's a great read if I may say so myself.  In it, I discuss how communication in a marriage is key and how important it is to have a dialogue out in the open about these things. Because let’s face it, if the man's desire and curiosity is strong enough they will go about having sex with a Transwoman or Crossdresser behind your back. That's because they are not thinking about their marriage.  They are not thinking about their wive's feelings.  All they have in their crosshair is the idea of having sex with a Transwoman or CD.  For many it's almost like it becomes an obsession, an itch that needs to be scratched.  A mission that needs to be completed.  And if they could order a Transwoman like ordering a pizza they would do it in a heartbeat no matter what the cost or the price they will pay in the end.  

"My wife will never find out." is usually what they believe.  And in many cases it's true, she may never find out.  And to that I would say to them, but if you love her, really love her and care about her emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing wouldn't you want to at least tell her that you are possibly about to put her life and that of your marriage in jeopardy?  Wouldn't you want to give her a choice so she can determine what she wants to do with her life?  Wouldn't you want to give her the choice to open up the marriage so she can see other people as well?  

At the end of the day a married man will do what he must do, and he will make choices without ever consulting his wife first.  Those decisions may have a negative effect on their marriage, their children if they are in the picture, an ultimately his peace of mind.  The storyline is already there as seen in POSE.  That path is one they can take.  And in many cases, they do.


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