Men Who Love Femininity

I've been running this blog since 2009 and have been helping men become their best femme self since 2013.  One of the things that many of the men that fall into my gravitational pull have in common is that they, like myself, love femininity.  Some like to wear femininity on their person, others like their partners to be feminine, and some want both.

Society would have you believe that women ought to be feminine and men ought to be masculine. That is such an archaic, oppressive, and and limiting point of view of gender expression.   And of course in terms of sexuality for millennia we have decided that folks are either gay or straight.  That ideology ought to have died with the dinosaurs  

Today I bring you a look behind the curtain to show you the simple steps I use in order to help men discover their sexuality.  

On November 1st, 2020 I received a message in my Instagram DM from a gentleman seeking my help.  

The conversation took place in Spanish so I translated it for your convenience.  



MC: Hola y perdón por ser cargos pero tengo una duda y creo que tu eres una persona que podría aclararme esa duda yo soy heterosexual pero me gustan mucho los travestis, drag queens y transexuales y no se si eso me hace gay o no?
Tu que dirías?

MC: Hello and I’m sorry for the load but I have a doubt and I believe you are the person that can give me clarity. I’m straight but I very much like transvestites, drag queens, and transexuals and I don’t know if that makes me gay?
What would you say?

ADRIAN:  hay muchas diferente categorias de sexualida. muchas mas que hetero y gay.
quizás no eres ninguna de las dos 

ADRIAN: There are many different sexual categories. many more than just straight and gay. maybe you are neither.

MC: Como cuáles? Yo pensaba que o te gustaba el sexo opuesto o el mismo, por ejemplo yo nunca me sentí atraído por un hombre pero siempre me gusto como te dije lo que es travestismo y esas cosas incluso me gustaría hacerlo un test.

MC: Like which ones?  I thought you either like the opposite sex or the same sex.  for example I've never been attracted to men but have always liked transvestism and those things.  in fact I would like to test it out.

ADRIAN:  esta persona es mujer o hombre? (le mandé la siguiente foto)

ADRIAN: Is this person a man or a woman? (I sent the below pic)

MC: Hombre

MC: Man

ADRIAN:  esa persona nació con vagina.  es un hombre trans. te atrae la idea de tener sexo con un hombre con vagina?

ADRIAN: That person was born with a vagina. he is a trans man. does the idea of you having sex with a man with a vagina appeal to you?

MC: Sinceramente no me atrae

MC: honestly it doesn't turn me on

ADRIAN: pero te atrae la idea de una "mujer" con pene

ADRIAN: But a woman with a penis turns you on  

MC: No se la verdad.  Osea me gusta una mujer

MC :I honestly don't know. I mean, I like a women

ADRIAN:  que tal esta, te gustan una mujer masculina? come esta?

ADRIAN: How about this.  do you like a masculine woman?  like this one?

MC: No

ADRIAN:  entonces no te atrae la persona si es masculina per si te atrae si la persona es femenina 

ADRIAN: So, you are not attracted to a masculine person but you are attracted to a feminine person 

MC: Si

MC: Yes

ADRIAN: eso se llama gynesexual

ADRIAN: That's called gynesexual

[gahy-nuh-sek-shoo-uhl] WHAT DOES GYNESEXUAL MEAN?

Someone who is gynesexual identifies as being attracted to femininity or the female anatomy, regardless of whether the object of one's affection identifies as a woman.

MC: Wow super interesante no sabía eso investigare más sobre el tema y realmente hay muchas cosas que las personas deberían saber y aprender para no estar confundidas

MC: WOW super interesting, I didn't know that.  I'll investigate more on the topic.  there really is a lot that people need to know and learn to avoid being confused.

ADRIAN: el mudo es muy variado. no estas solo mi amigo

ADRIAN: There is a lot of variety in the world.  you are not alone my friend.

MC: ❤️ Muchas gracias gracias a ti abrí los ojos y me gustaría que existan más personas como vos que ayuden a otros de esta manera

MC: Thank you.  Thanks to you for opening my eyes and I would wish there would be more people like you who help in this manner 

ADRIAN: de nada. mi placer. 🙏

ADRIAN: You're welcome. My pleasure. 


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