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Before You Hire Someone, Read This

January 2016 Have you ever heard the saying "Money talks and Bullshit walks?  Or how about "Put your money where your mouth is?"  It's old school business lingo.  It basically means you have to make a good enough offer to spark someone's interest.  How much would you pay for someone to clean your house?  Would the rate change if they were wearing high heels and a sexy French Maid costume?   It used to bother me when guys online would offer to pay if I did "something" they wanted.   That is until I realized, "I'm not in that business."  Then I had a fun thought, "what IF I was in that business?  I can set my own rates!!!!"  I have a lawyer on stand-by ready to draft up contracts.  If guys think they can afford my rates then let them ask.  I can't stop them from asking anyway.   So far I've gotten inquiries to be a Personal Model, a Dominatrix/Mistress, and or course Sex Worker.  Not one guy has been able to afford my rates

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