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ADRIAN 1)  I TURNED MEN INTO WOMEN FOR SEVEN YEARS, HERE IS WHAT I LEARNED, PART I 2)  Why Men Come to Me to Be Transformed Into Women   (2016) 3)  AMERICAN IDOL   My 2002 audition ( 2:20 minute mark) 4)  My prank on Simon Cowell   (2002) 5)  20 YEARS OF AMNESIA   (how my drag journey began) 6)  TRANSITION UPDATE   (2022) 7)  MY IMMIGRANT STORY 8)  THEATER SAVED MY LIFE 9)  MY NOT SO HAPPY EARLIER YEARS 10)  OUT IN CORPORATE AMERICA   11)  MY FIRST TIME WEARING A BIKINI AT THE BEACH  ( 2022) 12) MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MEN: Whats it Like to Date Me?   The Grindr Effect  The Male Gaze  Straight Guys, Who's Coming to Dinner  Can Men be Friends with a Trans Person?  They Want Sex from us While They Watch us Die  Married Guy Looking for ANY Transwoman  Men Who Love Femininity   Shame and Fear, Dating Femmes   Covid, Kids on HRT, BLM, and the Men i've Slept with Dating Someone 19 Years Younger  Becoming My Dog Slave  The Sexy Funny Privilege   Gender Roles STOP Blaming Straight Women

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