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What's It Like to Date Me?

Not a week goes by where I don't get messages online from someone wanting to treat me to dinner, drinks, or flat-out Netflix & Chill.  Flattering indeed.  Let me make it easier for you. Here are some pointers that might increase your odds. "May the odds be ever in your favor" ABOUT YOU: Let me start by saying I'm sure you're great. I mean, you like me so you must have fabulous taste.  Hopefully you don't fall in any of the 16 categories in the following blog entry. LINK  But if you do, don't worry people can change. You don't care about what people say, I like that about you.  You are comfortable with the reality that you are going on a date with someone who on paper is a MALE in his 40s (even though to some I may not appear that way). You know what else is great about you, you don't care if some people may think you are Gay when they see us on a date. And when the waiter used the pronoun HE, for me, we didn't make it a big deal because you

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