Femme Party Time!

This past Saturday night was incredibly fun. I threw a private party at my place. Only the girls to whom I've given makeovers were invited. Some girls came dressed but most got dolled up at my place. It was like being in the dressing room of the Rockettes but kinkier!

We had way too much wine, laughs, hors d'oeuvre, dancing, wine spilling, asses hanging out, pizza, and more laughs. We hung out in the backyard and even took a trip to the roof to take in the Manhattan skyline.

Outfit I wore for the party I threw for my clients.

Two girls drove in from NJ and one even flew in from TEXAS for the party! Since these girls are top secret here's a pic of me with 4 of the 8 that were able to make it to this very special FIRST Gender Fun Femme party.

The next party is scheduled for April 20th, the day after my 40th birthday!

I love them so much! ps - that hand on my boob is from Lisa. She cracks me up!

btw here's is what one of the girls had to say about the party

You missed an incredible party!!! When -Amnesia greeted me at the door she looked ravishingly radiant and as pretty as I’ve seen her!

There were about 4 or 5 other girls there when I showed up. An hour later everyone was settled in and getting acquainted. -Amnesia was like the best host ever, she got everyone to loosen up and once everything got going we were getting into so many wild, hilarious, and deep conversations!

I think I left around 4:30am 😮.

Rememeber how you asked me about CDI? This was like that but -Amnesia’s version, meaning totally awesome!!! Everyone is vetted because we are all clients and it’s so much fun because every girl was unique in their story, personality, and qualities!!!

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