Beyond the Gender Binary: Dating Someone 19 Years Younger

Guess what I’m getting for Christmas this year: A sexy college guy. Not just ANY college guy. THE college guy!

Over this past Summer I had three lovely dates with a very special guy. Unfortunately we had to part ways at Summer's end. To the West Coast he went back to University.  It was all part of his internship syllabus you could say.  The unexpected part was how I felt as I watched him leave.  Four years of singlehood  I had finally met someone I actually really liked.  I know, I know, my heart is really picky.

We kept in touch through social media: modern day romance.  After a few exchanges we decided that the best holiday gift I could receive this year would be for him to come back to New York. This time during his Winter break.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about his upcoming visit. I can't wait to unwrap him under the tree *wink wink, in the living room, in the kitchen, pretty much all through the house.  I tell you, he'll be coming down my chimney! Boy, do I have some milk and cookies for him.  You get the point, I'm excited to see him again ;-)

I'm telling my best friend about it when he shares with me the story of this other young guy he met who was dating a much older guy. Which in turn made me think of when a young guy dates an older woman, you know like Pete Davidson dating Kate Beckinsale who is 20 years his senior. Of course there are a million examples of younger women dating much older men but younger guys dating older women, we don't hear about it as much. Right?

My conversation with my BFF made me also think that we know of young men dating older men or dating older women, but I wonder how society feels when they see someone like me who is gender-fluid dating someone who is 19 years younger than myself. Do they see me as an older man dating a younger guy, or see me as an older "woman" dating a younger guy? After all, I still have a penis but my boobs have grown a bit and I present in full femme part-time but mostly androgynous other times. Don't get me wrong I don't need society's approval when it comes to the age or sex of the person I date, I'm just curious to know how they would feel about it since lets face it, when was the last time you heard of a gender non-confirming, gender-fluid, non-binary person dating someone much younger than them?

I'm guessing the critics will ask what could I possibly have in common with a guy 19 years younger than me. Well for starters, I used to live the life of a young man 19 years ago.  Also, there are a number of things this young chap and I have in common. We share the same taste in music, which is important because I can ask him to DJ around the house while I order Seamless, (yeah mama don't cook). I know he will create the perfect ambience with the tunes he selects. We share a similar sense of humor which is THE most important atribute I look for when dating. He makes me laugh and smile so much. We are both vers in bed. I believe he may be smarter than me but I have more life experience.  He’s A+ at cuddling. And lets face it, he's sexy af. He is about 6’1”, nicely built (not too muscular) just right. He's smart, educated, has a great ass and to be completly honest he's got the perfect size penis for me. And did I mention he's a great cuddler?

So ok, we come from different heritage, he being Asian and me being Hispanic but both our cultures love rice, right? And sure he lives on the West Coast and I live on the East Coast, but hey, we're just looking to have a great Winter break. Plus, he already knows that I'm fiercely independent so officially taking me off the market could prove to be a huge challenge to anyone that attempts it no matter how young or old they may be. For now we just want to live in the moment and enjoy the time we have together. You know, before I get shipped away to the old folks home in a couple of years.


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He cooked a delicious dinner for us!


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