What's It Like to Date Me?

Not a week goes by where I don't get messages online from someone wanting to treat me to dinner, drinks, or flat-out Netflix & Chill.  Flattering indeed.  Let me make it easier for you. Here are some pointers that might increase your odds.


Let me start by saying I'm sure you're great. I mean, you like me so you must have fabulous taste.  Hopefully you don't fall in any of the 16 categories in the following blog entry. LINK But if you do, don't worry people can change.

You don't care about what people say, I like that about you.  You are comfortable with the reality that you are going on a date with someone who on paper is a MALE in his 40s (even though to some I may not appear that way).

You know what else is great about you, you don't care if some people may think you are Gay when they see us on a date. And when the waiter used the pronoun HE, for me, we didn't make it a big deal because you know how I feel about pronouns. LINK

You're not a jealous person.  You are comfortable knowing I get messages on social media from guys wanting to hook up with me all the time.  And you're confident because you are not like most of those other guys, you don't fetishize Trans folks. 

You know, I don't mind you calling me your "girl or woman" even though I don't call myself a woman or a man for that matter. It's kinda fun to play hetero.  You can play the "man" role if you want but we both know I'm assertive like a man and sexy like a woman. Oh Dear, so very vers indeed ;-)  LINK

You understand that my day-to-day outfits tend to be a bit conservative.  I save the ultra feminine clothing for date nights and special occasions. I don’t go around showing my legs and/or cleavage in public often. I don’t want that kind of attention everyday. I get hit-on enough by men in public. 

Pics of me in the office and at home.


Since 2015 I've only been dating self-identifying straight men. However, I'm open to dating other folks whether male, female or anyone in-between so long as they are my type. My type?  I tend to be attracted to folks who don't have traditional good looks. I like quirky esthetics on a person. Of course more importantly I'm attracted to high intelligence and a personality with a great sense of humor. NERDS to the front.

Real text exchange with one of my past lovers.

Would I date someone 18-20 years younger than me again? I don’t know. Maybe? I would need a lot of convincing to date someone who is that much younger than me. I've done it already and it was nice but...idk.  Ideally  I would prefer to date someone 30-45 yrs old.

I'm not a religious person but I like the idea of "The Sabbath."  Not in the religious sense but more like one day of the week doing or not doing anything if I don’t want to. I prefer to have one day of the week either Saturday, Sunday or Monday where I wake up with no alarm, I have no plans and I don’t make any plans, I try to ignore my phone and emails, and pretty much do whatever I want to do with no obligations or demands from anyone. I get out of bed whenever I feel like it, I shower if I feel like it, I eat whatever I want. Complete in-the-moment freedom without obligations to anyone but my mind, body, and spirit. You can have me on any other day except that day ;-)  A plus if you too have a day a week where you pamper yourself.  

(if we chatted online prior to meeting in person):

- Lets do a short Facetime call to say hi and make sure you are not a catfish. lol

- FIRST DATE: Coffee and a stroll, or lunch, or Cocktails, or a glass of wine and dessert (nothing fancy) . Just to feel each other's vibes. 

- SECOND DATE (this means I like you): lets do something fun and sexy ;-) 

- A MILLION DATES LATER: What would it be like to have dinner with your parents? LINK

I work for a living so I don't have a ton of free time.  This is usually when I'm available.

- Free for Lunch: Downtown Manhattan (close to my office): Tues, Wed, and/or Fri
- Free for Date Nights: Manhattan or Brooklyn: Sat, Sun, and/or Mon 

IF by the THIRD DATE you decide to cook for me I will not stop you.  I usually eat vegan or vegetarian but I don't have any dietary restrictions when someone cooks for me.  I'll bring the wine and the lube, so please no chili  lol 


I'm so easy to please


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