Holding Hands

A page from my Journal.


Body paralyzed by the comfort of stillness.
The monkey mind swings endlessly from branches of thoughts.
A restless spirit yearns to see itself reflected, back, from a world of illusion.
Is this a dream or am I finally awake?
Now what?

I’ve been pretty good at living for ME for the past couple of years.
However, a few days ago, I opened the door to someone new, and I invited him in.
This is how human relationships begin isn’t it?
This is how one goes from walking alone to walking side-by-side, holding hands.
This is how we start to mark time, to feel how finite life is, and how our ability to feel love is ever present. Suddenly Life is not something you can own but something you must share.

To find each other in these circumstances is magical. To find oneself in this predicament is the game. And games are meant to be played with the seriousness of a child’s spirit.

It’s only life after all.

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