Pillow Talk, Lets

Imagine a forty-three  (43) year old man. Go ahead. How tall is he? Does he have facial hair? Does he have grey hairs? Does he even have hair or is he balding? Is he in shape or is he overweight? How deep is his voice? Does he fart all the time? Men, am I right?  Hold that image in your mind. Now look at this image. 

(Me 2022)

Is this what you had in mind a 43 year old man looks like? On paper that is exactly what you are looking at. That’s me. Is this messing with your sense of reality? Now imagine you are me looking in the mirror. When I look in the mirror I know that on paper I am a 43 year old MAN. Every time a twenty something year old guy online tells me “I'm beautiful, gorgeous, sexy” I think to myself “how would this guy’s family feel knowing their son is turned on by a 43 year old man?”

So what is reality? In the corporate word, which I’ve been working in for over 19 years, we are told that the perception of a conflict IS a conflict. So, if a young guy perceives me to be a “sexy woman” does that make it a reality? Most laws would disagree.

Age and sex are two variables that can make or break a relationship. It’s no secret that I’ve dated guys almost two decades younger than me. Looking from the outside, you may ask yourself what could a forty three year old person have in common with someone twenty years younger than them? The obvious answer is SEX. Mind blowing sex! Trust me on this, I speak from experience…but can a relationship with that big of an age gap last?

Whether we want to admit it or not we all have an expiration date. At one point or another folks will determine for us when we are no longer sexually desirable. Or so I’m told. Probably not true though since one of my friends told me his grandfather was banging tons of ladies in the nursing home. But could a twenty something year old have a deeper desire to grow old with someone twenty years older than them?

Life is a journey and we all choose our companions. True, none of us know how long we’ll be alive but when I get a message online from a twenty-something year old guy (which happens every day) I ask myself “will they help me find a nursing home or do they simply want to get off?”

After I rock their world in bed, this makes for great pillow talk.

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