3 Zones and A Trans, Part II

Me at the office January 2023

It all started with him commenting on a pic of me at work I had posted in my IG Stories

This past week, like most weeks these days, out of the ginormous amount of guys who slip into my IG DMs I pick one at random and reply. I call this game DM Russian Roulette. Have you seen Dateline? This game could very well be just as dangerous as the real Russian Roulette.  It can also be comical...that is, if you don't take it too seriously.

Welcome to Part II.

In Part I of 3 Zones and A Trans we explored how my slut days may be coming to an end. So sad indeed. Let us hold a moment of silence for another fallen slut. I suppose that’s Life, right? Always changing. Just like men transition into women, and women into men, so do sluts transition into… wives? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m still very much on the market. What would it take for someone to pull me off the market you ask? Let’s explore this.

As mentioned in Part I there are 3 Zones:

1. The Friend Zone
2. The Lover/FWB Zone
3. The Potential Boyfriend Zone

These days while playing DM Russian Roulette it's pretty clear to me that guys don't want me putting them in Zone #1.  Most of the guys who slip into my DM are 15-20 years younger than me so they are not really interested in Zone #3 either.  That makes me think they are only interested in being with me in Zone #2.  Take this week's DM Russian Roulette for example:   

It all started with him commenting on a pic of me at work I had posted in my IG Stories. (above pic)

HIM: your hot girl at work 😘

ME: ha. not my intention. I'm there to do work.

HIM: but still hot without trying

ME: I guess I've not met my expiration date yet for looking good lol but I'm 43, so it's fast approaching lol

HIM: they say when you change sex you look younger

ME: it's the hormones. they soften one's appearance.

HIM: well it working well on you

ME: I've been naked in bed with guys where they are touching my body and they've said things like "wow your skin is so soft and smooth" lol the work of hormones. God bless science.

HIM: so you now into guys

ME: "now?" more like guys now experience me differently.

HIM: that why you first started cross dressing ?

ME: oh that's a long story and a long long time ago. #5 on this list goes into it.

HIM: you date younger guys ?

ME: ha. the answer to that is in these two blogs lol HERE and HERE 

HIM: looking at your pics you have the most gorgeous long legs

ME: they get me around for now

HIM: I bet you love wearing thigh high boots

ME: actually I don't.  I rarely wear heels

HIM: you can still wear no heels boots

ME: I don't think I own any

HIM: you still wear heels in a lot of your pics

ME: Yeah, pics from years ago for work.

HIM: back then you were still a hot guy as well

ME: thanks but that's probably has more to do with the blog I wrote in 2020 HERE lol 

HIM: do you miss being a guy ?

ME: aren't I still a guy?

HIM: I thought you had a sex change ?

ME: haha I talk about that in this blog HERE lol 

HIM: I got a lot of reading to do 😂

ME: only if you want to. all that reading won't add anything to your bank account but you might get some insight of my experience in life.

HIM: as i said i always had a thing for you

ME: you might not after you read all them blogs lol

HIM: never and i love your eyes and lips

ME: well, you might be in for a shock once you realize I'm more than my body parts

HIM: really how ?

ME: I usually connect with guys when we have something in common other than me. Guys telling me they like my physical form is nice but what else in Life, other than my physical form, do they like? Their desire for me does not necessarily mean compatibility.

HIM: so what you want from a guy ? so who your dream guy ?

ME: What do I want from a guy? Best question ever asked. I want a guy to share his Life Experience with me, unabashedly and unapologetically. I want him to know that I'm in his corner, always and forever. And I want him to know he can tell me anything even if it will upset me temporarily. I want to be a cheerleader to the guy I chose to be with.

HIM: can i ask when you got into guys ?

ME: Hmm ...I'm not sure I ever wrote about when I first started feeling attracted to guys.

HIM: so you were into women at first ?

ME: yeah, I had multiple girlfriends until I was 13.

HIM: so what changed ?

ME: funny how I never wrote a blog about it. maybe because I don't put too much weight on sexual orientation like other people do.

HIM: so now you only into guys ?

ME: hmmmm probably not depending on people's definition of "guy"

HIM: so your more bisexual

ME: the "bisexual "label can only exist within the gender binary. Once you transcend the gender binary the bisexual label looses its meaning.  have you ever seen a cis man have sex with a trans man?

HIM: no

ME: on one hand they are having straight sex. on the other hand they are having gay sex. Depends on how you look at it

HIM: well i love both men and women and other groups

ME: good for you slut lol

HIM: and what that make you ?

ME: the answer to that question is in this blog HERE lol nite


I don’t think this guy is going to make it into Zone #3. Why you ask? Allow me to explain in Part III of 3 Zones and A Trans.

To be continued...

Part III click HERE


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